Editorial Design: Fine Art 2016
Editorial Design Fine Art 2016 Proposed graduate show publication for students in Fine Art at NUA.
Fine Art Graduate Publication 2016 (Concept)
For this project we were instructed to create a concept for the Fine Art Degree Publication for 2016 - which was intended to show off the student's work to potential employers. We presented our work with one to be chosen to go into further production, but unfortunatly mine was not cosen. 
My outcome is a huge publication - each spread is A1 - composed of loose sheets that are held together by friction because of its large size. This makes it an object itself that has to have thought put into the way it is handled and manipulated. I chose an outcome like this due to it fitting into the attitudes that Fine Art and NUA stands for. The student's work takes center stage for this outcome, as that is what people look at the publication to see.
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