Book Layout and Design: Depletion, Depletion, Depletion
Book Layout and Design Non-Fiction Book Depletion, Depletion, Depletion A study on human impact on biodiversity based around futurism.
Depletion, Depletion, Depletion : A Futurist Exploration of Biodiversity and Human Impact on the Environment
This was a book design project, in which we had to create a Book Layout and Design for a non-fiction book of our choice.
I created the concept for this hardback tabletop book that attempts to educate the reader on human impact and how this affects the environment. I used the design styles and thought patterns of Futurism to try and convey this message, due to their methods of making information powerful and fast to consume. A call to action is included through the poster and app which will educate the reader on how to limit their affect on the environment - which, for the ocean chapter, is about fish stocks.
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