Book Cover Design : A Clockwork Orange (Penguin 2016)
Book Cover Design A Clockwork Orange Penguin Design Competition (Fiction) 2016
This is my entry into the Penguin Design Awards (Fiction) for 2016, in which we had to redesign A Clockwork Orange.
The competition is currently in the run-up to the shortlist stage, so there is the potential for further development if my design is shortlisted. 
I attempted to create a cover design that relied upon the deeper themes that run through the book, bucking the trend of more recent minimalist cover designs for this book. Delving into the interpretation of evil versus good inherent in the nature of man, the cover symbolises the complex layers of human morality that form the main struggle that Alex finds himself in through the story. The imagery is also reminiscent of the classical themes that influence many aspects of the structure of the story itself, as well as the inviolability of free will.
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